We are Village Global

We teach sustainability through accessible education.

Let’s grow, together.

Ethical and philanthropic by nature, Village Global lives by the words of the old African proverb “it takes a village to raise a child”. We recognise that it also takes a village to grow a business.

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Our promise to you.

We will deliver bespoke mentorship and an outstanding education platform which can realise both your dream and ours: to give a child the best start in life.

Are you a nursery owner, stakeholder or investor?

Our mission is to support businesses like yours by aiding fluid communication and creating a sustainable framework you and your team can rely on, while driving the standard of education and personal growth in your education setting.

Are you an Early Years practitioner or considering this vocation?

Globe-Ed, our content-led app will give you the helping hand you need to achieve your goals and let your ideas come into fruition.

Inspire and enable learning.

We’ve recognised that some nursery educators don’t have the tools to successfully run a business. This results in an unsustainable framework and a nursery which will eventually fail to thrive. In turn, some business-minded individuals have little experience in successful nursery best-practices, which will often equal the same result: poor educational offering and a business destined for failure. This needs to change.

Tried-and-tested frameworks.

Having owned and run multiple Early Years settings in the UK and internationally, we understand the pain points nursery owners and their teams face each day. Your team may have a notable discrepancy in qualifications and experience which takes time and money to remedy. From a downfall in communication to high staff turn-over, it’s frustrating when you’re not on the same page.

We can solve these issues with our tried-and-tested frameworks which provide a sustainable career for all. Train your team effectively by building on their strengths, inspire and enable learning so you can retain your team and drive your business from the ground up and watch it grow.

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